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BT Architects, Interior Designers & Engineers

BT Architects are pioneers in creating unique designs for residential and commercial buildings. They are excellent designers and planners in executing building elevation and building plans and delivering an effective solution for technical issues that arise during the construction period. Our main focus is on building elevation, plan, interior design, structural design, MEP design. We have grown confidence among many clients for our excellent, elegant, unique designs.

BT Architects and Interior Designers in Coimbatore is a designing firm that serves across the world with its architectural designs and interior designs which are created in our lab by our experienced engineers and designers.

BT Architects has a team of Space Planners, BIM Architects, Interior Designers and Decorators, Structural Engineers,  MEP Designers & Engineers, Landscape Architects, and Urban Architects in Coimbatore.

Welcome to BT Architects’ New Exclusive Architectural And Interior Designs.

We invite you to explore a world of exquisite Architectural and Interior Designs. BT Architects firm presents smart planning and design in a smart way for the smartest of the people who want to experience luxury in life. Our design provides the ultimate lifestyle. Every design-detail has been specifically brought in to offer you the perfect space for you and your family and your workplace. Our architectural designs are planned in a way that suits your lifestyle, comfort, and passion.

We provide world-class designs with striking features. The design of your house speaks about your tastes and characteristics. We design a residence for you that match your taste with highly characteristic features. Prefer BT Architects in Coimbatore and own the best things in life.  

Our strategy is crystal clear: Designing a building that stands out. The signifying aspect of BT Architects’ methodology is that we shape today’s society.

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BT Architects in Coimbatore
25+ Years Experience 360X180
25+ Years Experience

With our invaluable experience since 1995, we have been serving the world by introducing the latest architectural and interior designs.

We play a prominent role in the design field thanks to our unrivalled experience in creativity and innovation. Subsequently, we have gained solid support from customers across the world.

Through experience, we have learned that happiness only comes from having a long-term vision for client success and satisfaction. And thus, we sow the seeds of trust in people’s hearts.

3000+ Projects Completed

We reflect across the countries through our building designs without our presence.

We have done more than 3000 building projects and each one has the highly characteristic features.

Our buildings are clearly identified because of striking and distinguishing designs.

We have grown in society and it is because of you that put your good pledge of faith in us.

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200+ Reviews 

(As on Jul’2020)

4.6 of 5

Excellent work in design and best cooperation for the satisfaction of the client.
Most latest deign to the current trend . . .

Mr. Rajesh

Chairman, Sri Sai Promoters

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55+ Reviews 

(As on Jul’2020)

4.9 of 5

I shared my requirements, dreams and thoughts about my Dream house he designed a plan, it is very super, the plan stage he almost worked in front of me.

Mr. Govindarajan.K

Chairman, Jayalakshmi Engg. Works


34+ Reviews 

(As on Jul’2020)

4.9 of 5

The services provided by Mr.Sudhan was awesome. The plan, elevation and interior was appreciable.  Finally my dream home came true more than my expectations.

Mr. Shyambabu

Electrical Engineer

The Space That You And Your Family Love And Love To Dwell In

BT Architects in Coimbatore takes pride in chiseling your home, which reflects your special needs, tastes, and lifestyle, with distinctive standards and quality.

Practical knowledge and experience are important means of successfully integrating the architectural components. Besides, Architectural Design is the most effective means of social welfare and community advancement. To improve the future of society, BT Architects produce eco-friendly Architectural and Engineering Designs.

Architecture Design, Interior Design & Structural Design

BT Architects is a dedicated firm to generate artistic architecture designs. Our interior designs are safe, functional, not to mention, environmentally friendly. BT Structural Designers come up with robust ideas to generate durable high-quality structural designs with extensive expertise and profound knowledge in the designing field.

BT Architects | The Best in Top Architecture Design, Interior Design & Structural Engineering on Coimbatore

Services Offered by BT Architects in Coimbatore

Architecture Design

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Architectural Design covers Space Planning, Unique Elevations & Construction  Documents


Architecture Designs Completed


Interior Designs Completed

Interior Design

About BT Interior Designers

BuilDTecH Interior Designers in Coimbatore – Interior design, in combination with art and science and the knowledge of scientific discoveries, shapes the interior of the space, color, and light to improve the human lifestyle.

BuilDTecH Interior designers in Coimbatore design each room as per the design standards. With the highest level of intelligence and creativity, we aim to bring up complex and aesthetic interior designs. Our active practice of designing interiors of the house offers exciting designs with artistic creativity. Apart from that, we are highly responsive to clients’ concerns.

We spend a reasonable amount of time living inside the building, that is to say, rooms whether it is our house or workplace. So, a well-designed interior space not only provides shelter, but also mental, physical as well as social well-being. As we see, a well-designed interior space is a positive change in people’s lives.

Interior design, which is a growing profession, is all about space-planning for residential and commercial buildings. A range of factors such as plumbing and electrical systems are planned in buildings.

Interior Designer

Interior designers design spaces and all elements in the house for human use. They plan the spaces that make a way for people to spend a lot of time indoors. A qualified interior designer by education, examination, and experience enriches the function and characteristics of inside spaces and rooms. Interior design advances the quality of life. Besides, it protects the health and safety of the residents.

The important responsibility of professional interior design is to consider the client’s needs and goals and fulfill his/her dreams about their house. It becomes enormously important that interior designers create interior plans harmoniously and efficiently. Also, the interior design must meet the fundamental needs of the occupants.

An interior designer learns artworks and up-to-date information to strengthen the existing design practices. BuilDTecH Interior Designers in Coimbatore practice the design methods to reinforce great expertise in designing for people and improving the healthy environment. What is more, our professional practice provides an outstanding quality of life for people who dwell in the home we design.


The profession, Interior Design, has the tendency to change over time due to technological developments and culture. Therefore, an interior designer has to learn new things every day about the current progress of the trend, lifestyle, culture, and environmental factors.

In addition to that, an interior designer should acquire multicultural people’s lifestyles and activities in order to serve multicultural communities. The reason is that the usage of space, color, and light is used differently among different kinds of people with various cultures and lifestyles. So, we see here that an interior designer has to know and be mindful of diverse cultural beliefs, views, and preferences so that he/she can implement suitable design patterns and solutions.

When it comes to sustainable design, first, the design must be a positive impact on the environment. Second, it must eliminate the possibility that it is non-renewable resources. And third, it must establish a healthy, harmonious relationship between the people and the natural setting.

Having comprehensive technical knowledge in the field of interior design, we choose furniture and other interior materials carefully that the materials are ecologically friendly, lasting for a long time, and require less replacement. Consequently, BuilDTecH Interior Designers in Coimbatore, with a holistic vision, come up with artistic interior spaces.

BuilDTecH Interior Designers

We are known chiefly for their commitment to designing interior spaces uniquely. We work toward advancing your environment.

BuilDTecH Interior Designers in Coimbatore come up with all sorts of interior designs to serve people across the world. Our interior designs, styles, and patterns are highly admirable. You can get in touch with us for exceptional and stylish interior designs.

Interior Design covers Inner Space Planning, 3D Views & Construction  Documents

Architectural Design covers BuilDTecH Space Planning, Unique Elevations – Day & Night Views, Maintenance-free Drawings


Structural Designs Completed

Structural Design

About Structural Engineers

Structural Engineers in Coimbatore

Structural Engineers in Coimbatore perform complex structural design processes, which consists of the formulation of structural illustrations, for large scale as well as small scale buildings. We are primarily concerned with coming up with building structures that, with the exact calculations, are capable of withstanding the dead loads and live loads and external forces such as wind and earthquake. We take on responsibility for safety, stability, and functionality.

BT Structural Engineers in Coimbatore draft computer-generated structural models considering the project size and needs in compliance with safety standards. We deal with the end-users with the preliminary sketches of structural designs and explain them with effective communication. If it needs any change in the design, we review and create reports based on the consideration of the clients and provide the modified designs. Producing different models and patterns of structural design for a single project is one of our main tasks. So, it facilitates the end-users to choose one of them that fits their requirement of size and budget. We often collaborate with other professionals such as architects, HVAP Consultants, Electrical Consultants, Plumbing Consultants, and Civil Engineers for the betterment of the project.

We are full of determination to succeed in bringing the harm-free building structures with gaining the latest information on building construction. Besides, we make a successful attempt to solve technical problems by either making a visit to the construction site with the client in the presence of other engineers and designers or communicating via virtual conference. The important point to remember, BT Structural Engineers in Coimbatore carefully select structural materials to meet the quality of rigid structures.

Dynamic Structural Engineers in Coimbatore

Having uniqueness in bringing up durable structural designs, we have won the hearts of the clients in Coimbatore, India and overseas. We believe that it is most important to meet the clients’ needs. Therefore, BT Structural Engineers in Coimbatore provide technical advice and consultation on building structures. A wealth of professional experience in the structural engineering field is displayed in the buildings we design.

MEP Design

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MEP Designs Completed

Architectural Design covers BuilDTecH Space Planning, Unique Elevations – Day & Night Views, Maintenance-free Drawings
Architectural Design covers BuilDTecH Space Planning, Unique Elevations – Day & Night Views, Maintenance-free Drawings

Master Planning Landscape Architecture Project Management Consultancy

About Landscape Designers

BuilDTecH Landscape Designers in Coimbatore – Landscape Design is a practice by Landscape Designers who design and combine nature and culture with bridging landscape architecture and garden design. Landscape Design mainly focuses on landscape planning that includes aesthetic garden design and artistic composition of a horticulture environment.

Landscape designers often joint hands with landscape Planners, Architects, and Civil Engineers. BuilDTecH Landscape Designers in Coimbatore research, collect creative ideas, and develop a plan to start landscaping. Also, we give first preference to the clients. Apart from considering the clients’ wishes and needs when planning and designing, we take into account relevant factors such as the area’s climate, topography, type of soil, lighting, furnishings, and other construction details in compliance with building codes.

BuilDTecH Landscape Designers take a better step to plan a landscape for a successful landscape garden design. Besides, we have plenty of ideas, patterns, and tips to help the clients own perfect landscape design.

BuilDTecH Landscape Designers –  Turning the ideas into stunning visuals:

The landscape design includes natural elements as well as artificial elements such as flowers, trees, and grass and man-made fountains, lawn furniture, lighting, etc. respectively.

An important point to note, we produce Landscape Design primarily for outdoor area gardens for home or business area. It is also sometimes used for outdoor events with some beautiful decorations.

BuilDTecH Landscape Designers in Coimbatore first outline the landscape plan with scaled dimensions. This is the fundamental outline we draw and gradually we add suitable natural and artificial landscape elements. We ensure that the color scheme we use for the elements perfectly matches. Also, if it needs, we use ground-cover in some particular areas to fill in.

BuilDTecH Landscape Designers in Coimbatore

BuilDTecH Landscape Designers create and prepare landscape designs and models in our laboratory for residential and commercial buildings, parks, and outer spaces. And to ensure that the design is implemented in harmony with the plan, we make a regular site visit.

BuilDTecH Architects and Landscape Designers in Coimbatore work together in analyzing the owner’s needs and incorporate their ideas with ours to bring about the ideal design that the client wants. We offer the end-users the preview to visualize the landscape after the project completion. Moreover, we confirm the calculations of landscape size and scale are accurate before the construction, plant and flower installation, and other decorative things.

We have a great architectural interest in gardening and planting attractively. Furthermore, we create landscape designs that create an excellent visual feel of the site with appropriate dimensions. Find the best landscape design ideas from BuilDTecH Architects and Landscape designers to make your place amazing and relaxing.


Urban Design, Landscape & PMC Projects Completed