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BT Structural Designers in Coimbatore offer absolute assurance that our structural designs are safe and functional. They meet all the requirements of structural design – strength, stability, and rigidity. Our working details are unique and comprehensive. Our main concern is to provide valuable structural design services to the clients. We make precise calculations of loads with excellent mathematical and analytical skills.


Structural Designers in Coimbatore

With a firm professional experience in structural designing, we reinforce our ideas relevant to building structures to bring out the best and structurally strong designs for the safety and well-being of the dwellers and public.

Structural Designers in Coimbatore – systematic analysis

Structural Designers in Coimbatore: Structural design is a systematic analysis of strength, stability, and rigidity of the building structures. The primary objective in structural design and analysis is that the building structure is capable of bearing all applied loads. Plus, it lasts to its intended life. A structural generally resists the loads without any failure. Transferring applied loads and supporting loads are the primary function of a structure. So, the process of designing a building structure methodically will help predict the building’s strength and its lifetime..

On the whole, we have to keep in mind that if a structure is inappropriately designed, it is possible that the structure may fail to bring the results it should. In addition to this, it may cause some disastrous consequences if the actual loads go beyond the expected loads in the design specifications. A well-designed structure significantly reduces the failures to the absolute minimum.

What is Structural Design?

Real Structural Design =

Firstly, Study of Building + Load & Force Calculations

Secondly, Load Analysis & Design Calculations(seismic, wind Storm …)

Thirdly, Steel / RCC designing

Finally, Structural Design with BIM using LOD 400 to 500 & Detailed Rebar.

The Three Stages of Structural Design 

First, it is planning. BuilDTecH Structural Designers in Coimbatore take account of various requirements and factors of the structure which have the possibility that they may affect the dimensions and layout of the structure. Moreover, the function of the structure is under consideration.

The second is designing. Then, according to the plan that we drew up in the planning process, we begin to design the structure. It includes suitable dimensions and details and the design of structural elements, most importantly the foundation. Structural members such as columns, beams, slabs, and so on are designed appropriately. And the structural analysis for applied loads, such as bending moments, shear, axial forces, is done properly.

 After all of these, it is time for starting construction. We have to implement them, so, third is construction. In this stage, we procure structural materials and equipment to the construction site. And the implementation of the structural design, that we planned and designed, begins. BuilDTecH Structural Designers in Coimbatore come up with effective solutions for any unforeseen technical problems during the construction process.

BT Structural Designers in Coimbatore

Structural Engineering Service includes

  • Study of Building / Project
  • Soil Bearing capacity / Types of foundation
  • Loading – Dead Load, Live Load & Other forces 
  • Analysis of Loads, Moments & Torque . . . 
  • Designing Calculations on Structural parts
  • Structural Design – BIM LOD 450 to 500 (Level of Detailing)
  • Structural Rebar – BIM LOD 400 to 450 (Level of Detailing)
  • Cloud & Remote Access

BIM – Building Information Modeling for Structural Design

We create structural designs with detailed computations. So, with the access of BIM Software, we precisely design and the BIM Software aids the client to understand the design and other critical components. The computerized design by BIM Revit Software greatly minimizes the complication of the analysis and development of the design. Apart from that, it helps the designer to finish the project soon, and thus, save plenty of time.

Structural Designers in Coimbatore
Structural Designers in Coimbatore

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Structural Engineering

BT Structural Designers in Coimbatore – Artistic, creativity and Innovation Designs

We think that it is important for a structural designer to be familiar with design codes and he/she must know to apply the designs to appropriate areas and situations. And we conform to structural design codes and local building rules.

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Structural Consultants in Coimbatore

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Coimbatore is a well-developed city in various sectors like architecture, Interior Designing, Engineering, mills, IT, Banking, and More. The choice of the right architecture firm that contributes to the growth of our service is essential to survive in a competitive environment like Coimbatore.

We follow and do good construction practices. We prepare working details which consist of designs and specifications and drawings. For the intended stability and strength, BuilDTecH Structural Designers in Coimbatore choose construction materials appropriately. And we make a regular site visit to inspect the construction process. To ensure the structure is being built as per the drawing, we often work with other engineering professionals such as civil engineers and architects.

Get in touch with BT – Structural Designers in Coimbatore for structural designs and further information on the structural Engineering.

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