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Building Design | Consulting Services by BT Architects

Building design Consulting services in Coimbatore

Our BIM Revit generated Building Elevation Designs and Plan, and Designs are created artistically and deliver high-quality visualization. Moreover, BT Architects newest technological methods and ideas play a significant role in producing building designs, and the project is executed on time. We aim to provide first-class designs and satisfactory services to customers.

Our field of services: Architecture DesignArchitectural Engineering, Structural & Civil Engineering, Interior Design, Interior DecorationLandscape Architecture, Master Planning / Urban Architecture, Building Service (MEP Engineering), Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Plumbing Design, Modernization, Vasthu Consultancy, and PMC Construction Management.

Building Design | Consulting Services – Architecture design

Planning and designing a space with architectural interest and style are considered as a Good Architecture Design practice. BT-Architects create coherent architecture design that is durable, functional as well as aesthetically attractive. Furthermore, our main concern is to come up with sustainable and eco-friendly designs.

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Maintenance-Free Design + Utility design

Why BIM is Important? BIM-based Working Drawing with LOD 400 to 500 matches to the real building.

Building Design | Consulting Services – Interior Design

BT-Architects methods and ideas of Interior designing bring freshness to your house. Our interior designs are created with an artistic approach and come with a range of features.

We offer interior services to residential buildings and apartments, commercial buildings, public buildings such as schools, parks, etc:

Perfect colour combination, smart lighting system, satisfactory and suitable arrangement of furniture and fixture, well-fitted flooring, wall panelling design for kitchen, bathroom, and other space in your house in accordance with individual’s need and taste.

Building Design | Consulting Services – Engineering Services

Structural Design Engineering Service

Structural Design

To precisely draw the structural designs and scientifically analyse them, we make use of robotics, for example, BIM Revit, STAAD.


Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is very important role to build / execute the project / building. Civil Engineering covers construction planning, execution designing, constructing, operating infrastructures and maintaining.

Electrical & Plumbing Service

Building Service Designs (MEP)

It is extremely needed to have MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) Engineering Services. A building is incomplete without having installed MEP Systems. BT-Architects offer a complete package of MEP Engineering Services to customers.

Our MEP Engineers make sure that the MEP Systems are neatly set up in buildings with suggesting user-friendly equipment and devices. In addition to that, when it comes to choosing materials, our Engineers choose eco-friendly materials that have no effects on the ecosystem as well as the interior environment.

Building Design | Consulting Services – Landscape & Waterscape

BT-Architects are committed to creating unique designs, helping clients with their plans, and being a part of building their dreams. We are dedicated to bringing the beautiful scenic landscapes with creativity and innovation. Our designs are deeply connected with nature.

We offer a range of excellent landscape designs with guidance to gardening, planting, and their development and maintenance.

Building Design | Consulting Services – Master Planning & Urban Design

Our intention in offering Urban Design and Master Planning is to inspire the public to live and work socially and successfully. The creation and development of the plan and design are done in our lab by BT-Urban Architects and Planners.

We, BT-Architects, are privileged to open up plenty of opportunities for the public to get engaged with nature. By providing Master Planning and Urban Design, we inspire the people to work, play, learn, and achieve their goals in a safe community.

Building Design | Consulting Services – Construction Management

BT-Architects and Construction Managers are professionals in applying effective and standard techniques to plan, coordinate, implement, supervise, and manage construction projects.

Our construction management clearly specifies the planning, scheduling, estimating, and providing a quick solution to technical problems.